Hardcore Recycling

Peter Bennie operate a number of hardcore recycling centres; some of these sites are combined with our landfill operations.

Operating two sites in Northamptonshire our hardcore recycling facilities in Northampton & Kettering accept hardcore that meets SHW specification.

Recycled Hardcore is processed using the WRAP protocol ensuring quality and consistency.


Recycling services:

  • Hardcore inert landfill
  • Recycled materials meeting SHW specification
  • Topsoil screen
  • Type 1 recycled to SHW specification


Waste types accepted:

  • Concrete
  • Bricks
  • Tiles and Ceramics
  • Hardcore – Mixture of the above (Concrete, bricks, tiles, ceramics,)
  • Soil and Stones
  • Cake off wash plants


Material collected subject to meeting WAC (Waste Acceptance Criteria) from customers sites and are received and inspected on reception into the operation. Loads containing recyclable materials are segregated. Reprocessing then ensures that only unusable waste material goes to the landfill tip. The recyclable materials are then processed to make new construction products.

Recycled materials are provided with or without certification and a number of products meet SHW (Specification for Highways Work) criteria. Products are tested by an independent accredited material testing house. Certification can be provided on request.

Recycled products are processed using the WRAP protocol ensuring quality and consistency.

WRAP (Waste & Resources Action Programme)

WRAP is a government funded initiative put in place to drive recycling, reuse and recovery of waste materials including construction waste. The above protocol is a specification designed to improve quality and traceability and to give accreditation to those who work to this protocol.

We are the leading producer able to provide a wide range of products which are approved to the WRAP protocol and to SHW certification in our area. In addition to this we are now able to process suitable materials on site to the WRAP protocol via our Contract Crushing division.

Many government funded projects in particular will have a requirement for high content recycled materials and that such are produced using the protocol. The big retailers have signed up and the momentum is building. If you do find you have a requirement or if you want the comfort of knowing that the recycled materials that you are buying meet an acceptable specification then we will be happy to help.

For more information on our range of recycled products and our disposal services please use the Get in touch feature.

Boughton Quarry Hardcore Recycling

Boughton Quarry Hardcore Recycling Facility

Opening hours:
Mon – Fri : 07:00 – 16:30
Saturdays by prior request
Utility Waste & Hardcore

Wood Lane Inert Landfill  

Rockingham Road A6003
NN14 1QG

Pollution Prevention & Control Permits

Inert Landfill Site
Permit Number
Inert Landfill Site
Harlestone Permit Number
Permit Number
WP 3235 SN
Inert Landfill Site
Wood Lane Permit Number
Permit Number
BT 2734 IJ
Inert Landfill Site
Boughton Recycling Centre Permit Numbers
Permit Number
EPR KB3838 AJ / EPR CP3996 LT