Our environment

The Company Policy is that Peter Bennie will undertake to do all work by minimising impact on the environment. This means minimising the removal of materials and reusing it on site where possible and when removal is required this is done as efficiently as possible.

We operate our own landfill and recycling centres and where possible use recycled inbound materials in preference of virgin materials.

All plant and machinery is purchased and monitored with fuel efficiency and environmental impact taken into consideration.

Operatives are trained to identify environmental risks and carry all the required equipment such as spill kits, monitoring devices and signage to deal with emergency situations.

Peter Bennie have an excellent working relationship with the Environment Agency and where necessary are competent at obtaining and complying with permits.

Peter Bennie aim to assist customers to achieve their own BREEAM targets. Clients looking to improve their BREEAM assessment results can do this by using materials produced to the WRAP Protocol available from Peter Bennie recycling centres and elsewhere.

Where possible Peter Bennie along with our parent company, The Bennie Group, use and expect all employees to be proactive at safeguarding their own and their colleagues safety, and that of the wider community.