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Traditional buildings were constructed using stone sourced from local quarries. Each area of the country has towns and villages with a distinctive character often associated with the local stone used in buildings at the time. In Northamptonshire for instance, sandstone and ironstone were the predominant construction material and there are many beautiful orange/brown buildings. Oxfordshire became famous for its blue/brown limestone and ironstone and likewise for Lincolnshire and Leicestershire. The stone has a variety of applications from construction to decorative.

We have over 70 years experience sourcing and providing Stone to the construction and private market.

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Stone in Britain quarried by Bennie was first laid down over 200 million years ago. This was during what has become known as the Jurassic period. Dinosaurs walked the earth and Production Managers were few and far between. Therefore consistency and colour can vary. Stone is a completely natural product, this is what makes it so unique as a building material. We do take every effort to select suitable stone that is similar though not exactly the same as that illustrated below.

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