The Bennie Group Conference 2016

October 5, 2016

The Bennie Group held their annual conference at the Kettering Park Hotel in September, to present and engage the Group vision for the next 5 years to key members of each Group company.

The theme of the conference focused on ‘growing our future together’ which sets the Group strategy over the next 5 years.

The conference featured a host of Group presentations from the company Managing Directors detailing their objectives and solutions over the next five years, facilitated by Shirlaws. A wealth of team building and motivation activities were utilised throughout the conference to bring a team consensus onto what the brand values of The Bennie Group will represent as we go on this journey of growth.

Guest speaker Matt Hampson, from the Matt Hampson foundation provided an inspirational talk and Q&A session on his mind-set of ‘get busy living’. The ethos of working hard towards a goal, regardless of difficulty is shared whole heartedly by The Bennie Group. Matt also talked about his goal to open a ‘Get Busy Living! centre’ , currently under planning/development and seeking contributions. The Group are keen to get involved and help wherever possible. Read more on plans for the Centre here: Get Busy Living Centre

Stay posted for more news on some of the exciting changes taking place over the coming months and years.

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