We have a new screen

September 23, 2013

​Peter Bennie have taken delivery of a new Finlay 663 screen. This new screen will increase the amount of recyclable materials from all of our inert landfill sites and will move from site to site working on a variety of contracts across the Group.

The choice of the 663 with a live head was easy; movability, low running costs, speed of set up and it is more than capable of handling our customers needs as well as our own. We will also increase the amount we save on landfilling by at least 30-50%. The versatility of the Finlay gives us the option of producing a higher grade material on the recycled market, along with our WRAP protocol giving local contractors a cost saving.

We have a long working relationship with Terex Finlay and Russell Robinson and have found their service to be excellent on repairs and parts. This new addition is part of our growth strategy at Peter Bennie as we start to take on more plant to rebuild and grow this part of the Group.

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